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I didn’t start off Paleo, I did a conventional diet first……

I wanted to start this blog after I lost about 38 pounds, didn’t need to take my stomach medication any more, lost my dandruff, and feel so much better. I took my blood pressure which before the diet was at about 140/90 and now is down to about 100/66.


Another reason I am so passionate about this diet is that I see so many of my friends suffering with chronic illness. It seems I have to pull and arm and a leg out to try to get them to even try the diet.


I know it’s hard to do. Everywhere you look there are places to eat, with loaded carbs. In the stores you got everything with HFCS in it or Trans fats.


I grew up initially on the north shore of Oahu. I was a hippie kid! I remember my parents eating whole wheat and this and that. I wanted Twinkies! Anyhow, growing up on the beaches of the north shore of Oahu was fantastic. We lived about 100 feet from the beach. A long white sand beach. I would come home from school and the beach was my playground.


I started off my weight loss adventure on Nutrisystem. I lost about 25 pounds on it, but felt weak and didn’t like the fact I had to eat every 2-3 hours, or I would get the shakes. After about 2 months on the nutrisystem diet, I converted over to the primal blueprint, and lost another 13 pounds. This diet I really didn’t count calories and many of my ailments I still had while on nutrisystem, went away, specifically my acid reflux, my dandruff, my blood pressure dropped, and my cognitive function increased. I felt a lot happier, but at the same time, I caught onto bullshit much faster, and snapped back at people when I detected BS. It seemed I was more irritable, but it was more like I wasn’t in a brain fog, and could see bull shit coming a lot sooner.

Eat everything i moderation? I don’t think so…….;)

Alot of people believe that eating everything in moderation is key for weight loss.  I don’t agree with that however. If I took a plate of healthful foods, and put a tiny, tiny piece of gluten on it, the whole plate is gluten as far as i’m concerned. You cant take out bad food. It’s either or. Your body will react badly to it if it’s a full plate of bad stuff, or just a little bit. If a person try’s to convince me its ok to going to eating the way I used to,(eating EVERYTHING in moderation) well no thanks. I don’t want the acid reflux, high blood pressure, pre diabetes, high small dense LDL particles, mind fog, low energy, migraines, and gain back the 40 pounds lost so I can eat a Twinkie in moderation…..;)

What is one cause of over eating?

A Diet high in carbohydrates triggers our master hormone leptin to become severely dis regulated.  Blood sugar surges (after consuming heavy carb foods) lead to leptin surges and ultimately to leptin resistance, in which leptin signaling is no longer effectively heard by the brain. This sends a message of “starvation”to the hypothalamus which then reacts promptly with increases in appetite or cravings and inspires unhealthy “binge” eating.

So carbohydrates is what causes the cravings to “pig out”, not protein or fat ….:(