I didn’t start off Paleo, I did a conventional diet first……

I wanted to start this blog after I lost about 38 pounds, didn’t need to take my stomach medication any more, lost my dandruff, and feel so much better. I took my blood pressure which before the diet was at about 140/90 and now is down to about 100/66.


Another reason I am so passionate about this diet is that I see so many of my friends suffering with chronic illness. It seems I have to pull and arm and a leg out to try to get them to even try the diet.


I know it’s hard to do. Everywhere you look there are places to eat, with loaded carbs. In the stores you got everything with HFCS in it or Trans fats.


I grew up initially on the north shore of Oahu. I was a hippie kid! I remember my parents eating whole wheat and this and that. I wanted Twinkies! Anyhow, growing up on the beaches of the north shore of Oahu was fantastic. We lived about 100 feet from the beach. A long white sand beach. I would come home from school and the beach was my playground.


I started off my weight loss adventure on Nutrisystem. I lost about 25 pounds on it, but felt weak and didn’t like the fact I had to eat every 2-3 hours, or I would get the shakes. After about 2 months on the nutrisystem diet, I converted over to the primal blueprint, and lost another 13 pounds. This diet I really didn’t count calories and many of my ailments I still had while on nutrisystem, went away, specifically my acid reflux, my dandruff, my blood pressure dropped, and my cognitive function increased. I felt a lot happier, but at the same time, I caught onto bullshit much faster, and snapped back at people when I detected BS. It seemed I was more irritable, but it was more like I wasn’t in a brain fog, and could see bull shit coming a lot sooner.

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