Eat everything i moderation? I don’t think so…….;)

Alot of people believe that eating everything in moderation is key for weight loss.  I don’t agree with that however. If I took a plate of healthful foods, and put a tiny, tiny piece of gluten on it, the whole plate is gluten as far as i’m concerned. You cant take out bad food. It’s either or. Your body will react badly to it if it’s a full plate of bad stuff, or just a little bit. If a person try’s to convince me its ok to going to eating the way I used to,(eating EVERYTHING in moderation) well no thanks. I don’t want the acid reflux, high blood pressure, pre diabetes, high small dense LDL particles, mind fog, low energy, migraines, and gain back the 40 pounds lost so I can eat a Twinkie in moderation…..;)

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