I’m just a everyday guy who found the Paleo way, combined with living in paradise….Hawaii!!!!




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  1. boomboompao

    Aloha! I’m considering going paleo, but I’m worried about the cost. I know a couple on the mainland who spend $900/month on groceries to sustain their paleo lifestyle. With groceries costing much more in Hawai’i, I’m afraid it’ll cost even more to go paleo here. Would you mind sharing how much paleo groceries should cost someone in Hawai’i? Thank you!

    1. hawaiianpaleopirate Post author

      It’s about that cost for me and my family here in Hawaii, But what can I do? I’m not going to eat junk. You can find many bargains however. Marksdailyapple.com or if you type in “Paleo on a budget”, or something to that effect, it will help. Or if you find local people here that sell wild foods(fish and game). There are a lot of farmers markets here too that help will help with cost.


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