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Caffeine spikes cortisol.
Lack of sleep also spikes cortisol .
Stress spikes cortisol .
Over training spikes cortisol.

Any kind of mental or physical shock or stress will cause cortisol to spike sharply.

High Cortisol creates a leaky gut…..even if your eating Paleo….

Leaky gut allows things from your bowels into your bloodstream, that shouldn’t get in.

Relaxing, meditation, and night time cause cortisol to fall.


Not a single human clinical trial on the effects of GMO crops has ever been published. We are the experiment or “guinea pigs”. Anyone that says to you, “oh we know that GMO’S is perfectly safe”, is either unbelievably stupid or deliberately lying to you.(Rich Food, Poor Food)This is why I was in such disbelief, that GMO labeling failed in California. People are much more concerned with the cost of food,( allowing scare tactics advertising up to the vote)than long term health. If people only bought organic foods, than prices will drop. We vote with our dollars, and only loss of profits will force change in big food companies.