Monthly Archives: October 2012

You can change the world to eat organic……

I always hear from my friends and relatives that organic foods are so expensive. They are. But I look at it like this. Pay a little more now, and lesser the chances later you’ll be paying the price in health care. Let’s face it, health care prices is outrageous. Why don’t you eat well now, live to be an old geezer, and just drop dead one day.

Organic prices would drop if we all demanded it.  Stores respond to consumer demand. Imagine that.  Buying food at lower prices and getting healthier at the same time.

But we are in a weird state now.  The guys with the power, big Agra and Farma are set in place. When anyone tries’ to confront them, they got tons of money behind them. Again, we can do it. If we all said NO to GMO’s for instance, it would stop.

It seems to me that because the bad foods we choose now kill us slowly, no one listens. No one changes. People change when something bad happens to them. But sometimes that’s just too late. But some people will eat themselves into the grave. We all will die one day. But why now make it a happy, energy charged, good looking you, rather than dependent on tons of medications, and suffering to get to that ripe old age. The key is in the FOOD you eat. Plain and simple.