To eat strick Paleo, it can be challenging!

When you read a study or article about health, food, diets, etc., it’s important to see who wrote it and what kind of interests they have about the item they are writing about. For every study done on diet and health, there’s another that counters it. One person will say fat is bad to eat, others say fat is good. I’ve read many articles, and watched many movies, and read many books, both for and against the Paleo or Primal lifestyle. How do I know what’s true? I experiment with what the person is saying. If it works, I stick to it, if it doesn’t, I drop it. Every since I went on a primal/paleo diet, I dropped about 38-40 pounds, keeping it off, dropped the medications I have been on, and my energy skyrocketed. What has happened to me, I read in the paleo books, and pod casts I listened to. As soon as I eat a sandwich, or go low fat/high carb(which is the current USDA recommendations) I start to gain weight, feel tired and bloated, and start getting my stomach problems again. That’s why and how I know who’s got it right, and who’s just in it for money or fame……if you’re tired of going around and around with your health and weight, maybe you should try a Paleo approach. If you STICK with it, and are strict, you will benefit I am sure.

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