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Caffeine spikes cortisol.
Lack of sleep also spikes cortisol .
Stress spikes cortisol .
Over training spikes cortisol.

Any kind of mental or physical shock or stress will cause cortisol to spike sharply.

High Cortisol creates a leaky gut…..even if your eating Paleo….

Leaky gut allows things from your bowels into your bloodstream, that shouldn’t get in.

Relaxing, meditation, and night time cause cortisol to fall.

I want it NOW!

A problem with the people of this country is we want things, and we want them NOW. It seems we slowly progressed to this state. I think it’s just the way things are. Modern technology trains our minds, to always have things immediately. In the old days we would have to go look for a phone booth if we were out on the road to make a call. Now you just use your smartphone. Fast! In the old days, if we wanted to look up what a Millipede was, we would have to go to the library, borrow a book, and read up on it. Now we have Google, and can get the results we need in an instant. You see my point?

Well what does this have to do with diet and health? A lot. OUR MINDS are trained to have instant results. We get it every day. One of the biggest problems I see when people go on a Paleo type diet is the lack in INSTANT results. People want a pill, or a surgery that will make them look like they did in high school, and they want it NOW.

Now I was overweight, sick, mentally drained, etc., before I went on a Paleo Diet. It took me years to get to that condition. After doing Paleo for about 2 years now, I have lost my weight (39 pounds), my lipid panels’ are great, my stomach acid/bloat issues have gone away, and my mind has cleared up, but I know I am not there yet. I still sometimes crave sugar, and love to eat late at night. I also know I may be allergic to some of the foods I may be eating, so I am still working on it. I’ve learned patience. I know it takes time. I will get there!

I see it happening again and again. People try the paleo diet. Maybe a week? Maybe even a few weeks? Most only last a few days. They don’t see instant results, and they say it doesn’t work. They give up. Then they turn to that miracle pill to get them results. That won’t work. Only good food can get you weight loss and health at the same time. So this is a real problem. When talk to family and friends about Paleo, I make sure they know it is going to take time for good things to happen. I tell them again. And again. I pound it into their head. When they get to the point where they are feeling good, got rid of the medications they were on, and maybe dropping some pounds, then BINGO, the paleo diet shines, and they are hooked for life….;)

Pumpkin Brownies

Pumpkin Almond Butter Brownies


2 cups Almond Butter
1 1/2 cups Canned Pumpkin
2 eggs
2/3 cup Honey
2 tsp Baking Soda


Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Mix well. Pour into a greased 9 x 13 pan. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.

I tried this, it was good….:)

Hawaiian Lau Lau

One of the best Hawaiian Paleo dishes I love is Lau Lau. I eat it all the time. Luau leaves are fresh, from the Taro plant. It may be hard to find on the US. Mainland. I heard some people use spinach in its place, but it would be hard to wrap. I got the recipe from the food network:

12 to 24 large luau leaves (leaves of the taro root plant), as needed to wrap proteins
1 (2 to 3-pound) pork butt, cut into 6 pork-chop sized slices
6 (6-ounce) boneless chicken breasts
12 (3-ounce) pieces sablefish, butterfish or other fish of your choice
Sea salt, as needed to taste

24 ti leaves to serve as wrappers, or aluminum foil (ti leaves are not to be eaten, but are used as the packaging material to bake/steam the luau leaf packets)

For the luau leaves, have a large bowl of ice water standing by. In a large pot fitted with a steamer basket (or use a stainless steel colander with handles), steam the luau leaves until soft but still bright green, and then plunge the steamer basket into the ice water to stop the cooking. Set the steamer basket on a utility platter or over a pot to let drain well and cool.
Lay the steamed luau leaves out on your work surface, then lay a piece of chicken or a piece of pork on each leaf topped with a piece of fish. Season with sea salt. Enclose the meat and fish in the luau leaves and then package them in ti leaves or aluminum foil. If you are using ti leaves, arrange the leaves perpendicular to each other in across arrangement. The stem of the ti leaf acts as the “string” to tie the package shut. The chicken and pork lau lau can then be cooked in an imu (the earthen oven) or in a conventional oven at 350 degrees F until cooked through, about 1 hour.

Bad family genes?

Genes can make you predisposed to cancer, diabetes, heart disease or obesity, but that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get it. If you send your genes the signals to activate those diseases, then maybe yes. Bad food, toxins, lack of sleep, stress, etc. send the wrong signals. Why not send your genes the right signals using a good diet, good exercise, and limiting toxic exposure. Maybe you will never get those problems. You have a say in the matter. Think of the bad genes all loaded up in a gun. All ready to fire. “Your genes load the gun, but YOU pull the trigger”.