When I Walk…..

When I walk, (I do it for health, not weight) I sometimes see the same familiar faces walking feverishly to lose weight. Month after month, I see the same faces. But their weight never changes. Our bodies are very strict about maintaining the least amount of glucose (sugar) levels at any given time because glucose (sugar) is inherently damaging to vessels, organs, and tissues. The less glucose (sugar) that is absolutely necessary the better.

Most people know eating candy and cakes are high is sugar and try to avoid them, except on occasions. What some don’t know (I did not, before I got into all this shit), is that nonfiberous forms of carbohydrates (grains, breads, rice, potatoes, etc) cause your blood sugar to spike. Two slices of bread for example contain about 6 teaspoons of glucose (sugar), 6 times the norm allowed in the blood stream. It converts to sugar pretty fast in the body. (A normal healthy person has about 1 teaspoon in their body at a time). So the body reacts to this sugar spike, sending out insulin. Insulin then regulates the sugar back to down manageable levels in the blood stream. It sends glucose to be stored as fat (if your not burning it through activity at the time). But insulin blocks fat being released as fuel. So you don’t burn fat. You STORE it. I’m pretty sure that’s why I see no change in the familiar faces. They are fueling up with the wrong fuel. They must be wondering why they are not dropping weight. I see them training, walking hard. I want to stop them and tell them this, but I don’t as most people won’t change.

My experience losing my 40 pounds came off (over a year and a half ago, so no I didn’t gain all my weight back like they said I would) when I stopped eating that stuff. I am now eating some sweet potatoes, regular potatoes and white rice(not brown due to phytates) on occasions,(but you got to cut it out in the beginning!) especially when I train harder. I never eat wheat, or gluten foods due to the damage it does to our digestive tracts…..

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