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Closed minded people suck

Our current Health practices of this modern day era is heavily influenced and constantly changing in response to politics, lobbying, and the media. Theses 3 entities have an agenda that follow trends based on monetary interests that benefit themselves. As a result, their recommendations are not based on science. They recommend diets based on monetary profits, whether it benefits your health or not. When you look at all the wonderful results to people concerning health improvement regarding the Paleo diet, you can see why main stream medicine does not support it at this time. How will they profit from having healthy people? After ALL my medical issues disappeared after about 6 months on the Paleo diet, my doctor asked what I was doing that improved my health. I told him about the Paleo Diet. “That’s pseudo science. There is no proof. It must be something else”. Know it all, closed minded people suck, and get people killed.

Gluten sucks!

I think almost every human on the planet suffers from Non celiac gluten sensitivity. Some more than others. Some have full blown celiac disease. No? Well I can’t find ONE health benefit online that says gluten benefits the human body in ANY WAY. Can you? Let me know. Mahalo and Aloha…..:)


It takes roughly forty thousand to one hundred thousand years for human genetic expression to adapt significantly to major change in the body. We have only been consuming grains in abundance since the start of the agricultural revolution dating back ten thousand years. So in thirty thousand years to ninety thousand years, we should be physiologically able to consume grains without any ill effects……until then, please forgo them my friends. They wreak havoc in the gut and much more……

No ones Perfect….

Granted, none of us is in perfect health. Such perfection is likely not possible as the body is constantly adjusting to shifting variables from the environment. However, our cultures paradigm is based on ignoring health until disease develops, and then treating merely the symptoms of a disease after it does develop.(Kharrazian).This is wrong. It’s big business, but wrong…:(