Are you a sugar burner or fat burner?

When we live our lives eating a carbohydrate and sugar burning (for energy) type diet, you have a roller coaster type hormonal response in your body. You eat the heavy load of sweets or carbs, and the glucose in your blood soars. Glucose(sugar) is damaging too many body systems, so your body tries to reduce the sugar content in your blood to the very least amount necessary for function. Insulin is released which then reduces the sugar in the blood. It sends the calories to be stored in the muscles, liver, and then to fat cells. This sugar crash sends a signal to the brain, that your sugar content is to low. So what does the brain do? Cause you to crave more carbs and sugar. This process occurs day in, day out, meal after meal, eventually making us fat and sick. If you do what we are genetically programmed to do, use fat as fuel, this does not happen.

All calories are not the same. It’s not all about calories in, calories out. It’s a bit more than that. The foods that cause obesity are not the ones in the store that are highest in calories. The most fattening foods are those that fluctuate your sugar and insulin levels. The HORMONE response is what you should be concerned with. It’s the poor quality carbohydrates and sugars that make us fat, and sick…..

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